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Single Launch - 24.04.22

The long awaited day has come! We are finally able to launch our new 10" double A side single, Illfare State/Wolves Among the Flock!
The launch will take place in our home town of Manchester on Sunday, 24th April, 2022 at the Peer Hat.


Formed in the UK's Northwest, Dead Objectives have been making their definitive  brand of fiercely melodic anarcho-punk since 2013, carrying the flag for a proud tradition of socially responsible musical resistance to a corrupt society. For many, the standout act of 2019's Rebellion festival's Introducing Stage, the band released their acclaimed debut full length album Human Symptom in December 2018 and have been in demand steadily since in the UK and Europe.

Musically adept and complex, lyrically intelligent and politically focused, Dead Objectives are a force of nature. Twin guitars, fluid melodic bass and rock steady but intricate drums underpin a passionate vocal delivery full of precisely targeted venom. Music from the heart you can enjoy with your head or your feet. Vitriol has never sounded so vital.

Peter Hough, The Punk Site, 2019

Against the Grain

Dead Objectives

The official music video of our track Against the Grain, recorded during our 2019 tour of Belgium & Germany and produced by our very own frontman, Tim.