Single Launch - 24.04.22

The long awaited day has come! We are finally able to launch our new 10" double A side single, Illfare State/Wolves Among the Flock!
The launch will take place in our home town of Manchester on Sunday, 24th April, 2022 at the Peer Hat, with special guest support from UHR.
Grab your tickets from our Merch Shop!

Coming Soon!

Exciting times here at Deads HQ; we're set to release our brand new double A side vinyl single Illfare State/ Wolves Among the Flock in September. We will be anxiously monitoring our pressing times and will update you when we have confirmation of our delivery date.

We have been working away for what seems like an eternity, recording and producing our forthcoming, follow up album, from which these two brand new tracks are taken.

Preorders for this hand numbered, 10" vinyl single will go live in the merch shop this weekend, including the option to buy our limited number run single bundle, which  includes merch items, unique to this release!